Established in 2001 to deal with our social and environmental responsibilities, Mr Recycle provides a kerbside recycling collection service in which you can effortlessly participate and happily take ownership of.

The Process:

No mess and no fuss are our keywords.

Please place your bags on top of your flattened cardboard in front of your home, on the right time and day for your collection to quickly and quietly take place. Once collected, the materials are delivered to City recycling drop offs.

Once delivered, Mr Recycle has nothing to do with the materials - so do not lose your keys in the recycling.

The Process


Collections take place on an alternative time and day to the waste.


Muizenberg; Newlands; Claremont; Kenilworth; Harfield Village; Rondebosch; Wynberg

CITY BOWL: Thursday

Vredehoek; Oranjezicht; Gardens; Tamboerskloof; Higgovale;Woodstock and Observatory


Rooi Els and Pringle Bay

Should you live in adjacent suburbs and wish us to help you, then gather together 15 like-minded families. We can keep the subscriptions so low only because the collections are close together.


In 2009, a Law was passed that we need to separate our waste into wet and dry.

No municipality is however mandated to collect or process the materials separately.


Clear, standard sized waste bag (un-branded)

  1. Such as found at most retail stores.

Recycle materials have measurable social, financial and/or environmental values = property.

If your recyclable property rights have been removed, your property has been expropriated.

Property is protected against expropriation without compensation by the Constitution.

Choose to support the local economy.

Wet is organic, contaminated, hazardous and non-recyclable materials which go into the wheelie bin.

Dry is the opposite and placed in clear bags which we collect for further processing (recycling).


You choose how many bags or 3cm high bundles of flattened cardboard you want collected weekly.

Additional bags are R20 each and irregular collections @ from R100 plus R20/bag, depending on where situated.

No service will be provided without proof of payment first having being received, using only the address as reference.

Collections cease when the subscription expires.

Membership is not transferable.

*Participation options Monthly Bi-Annually Annually

Up to 1 bag/week



R1 800

Up to 2 bags/week


R1 200

R2 400

Up to 4 bags/week


R1 800

R3 600

Extra bags

R30 pre-paid or

R50 post-paid


Cardboard to be flattened

R10/box pre-paid or

R20 post paid


* Subject to a 10% annual increase.

Register here, an email will soon be sent with our banking details.

Once the payment has reflected, collections commence as from the 1st day in your suburb.

Collection Terms:

The Mr Recycle representative undertakes to collect acceptable materials, as per the pre-paid number of bags or bundles provided in the prescribed format from subscribers, on the designated day and time for that suburb.

If there are no donations outside to be collected, the vehicle will not stop nor return until the following week. If there are extra bags to be collected or boxes to be flattened, as outlined above, additional charges will be incurred.

Collection postponements:

If collections are postponed then, within reason, extra bags created from this delay will be removed at our cost.

Please keep your email address current.

Binding conditions and amendments:

Mr Recycle and its representatives shall not be bound by any warranties or representations unless they have been made in writing or are published electronically on its website or communicated by e-mail.

Refund policy:

There are no refunds.

Upon subscribing to the service, the member shall be bound by the above terms and conditions and by any regulations and conditions as published on the Mr Recycle website from time to time.

Register here, an email will soon be sent with our banking details.

Once the payment has reflected in the account, collections commence as from the 1st day in your suburb.



Thank you,
Martin Brink
083 708 3468

Martin Brink has been a serial finalist in the AfricaGrowth "Entrepreneur of the Year" program; featured in the FNB's "You can help" campaign; the YOU and Popular Mechanics as well as in nationally and locally distributed newspapers. The program itself has been widely and successfully copied, bringing love & light to many.